Learn about “Everywhere, All the Time”, a digital literacy intervention for youth about tech and AI. Explore why and how this engaging digital literacy intervention was created, focusing on relevant youth topics. Discover what makes it captivating and inviting for young people, and understand the elements that ensure it is playful and interactive. Additionally, gain insights on how to effectively host the "Everywhere, All the Time" intervention in your own library, community center, or school. This session has a limited number of seats so it is required to apply.

  • Speakers: Helderyse Rendall, Tactical Tech’s What The Future Wants Senior Project Coordinator and Safa Ghnaim, Tactical Tech’s Associate Programme Director and Project Lead of the Data Detox Kit
  • Find out about "Everywhere, All the Time" here theglassroom.org/youth/everywhere-all-the-time/

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