Tactical Tech welcomes you to join the What The Future Wants: Digital Literacy for Youth Workshop Series. This series—brought to you by experts from Tactical Tech and organisations worldwide—is aimed at building the capacity of educators and anyone working with youth on critical digital and media literacy. The series will foster knowledge-sharing amongst the global community of practice using the What the Future Wants and other Tactical Tech learning resources.

These sessions are designed to foster an informal, interactive, peer-to-peer learning environment. Participants will delve into various topics, including digital and media literacy strategies and models for youth engagement, tactics for developing resources and interventions tailored to young audiences, and insights into "What The Future Wants" digital and media literacy materials. Additionally, attendees will explore practical aspects such as hosting, localizing, adapting, and scaling these resources, alongside delving into best practices and lessons learned from real-world implementations.

If you are an educator or a young person currently working on digital literacy, you are invited to sign up for one or all sessions.

Session 1: Training-of-trainers: “Everywhere, All the Time”, a digital literacy intervention for youth about tech & AI

  • When: 13th of June from 15-18:00 CEST (Berlin time)
  • Speakers: Helderyse Rendall, Tactical Tech’s What The Future Wants Senior Project Coordinator and Safa Ghnaim, Tactical Tech’s Associate Programme Director and Project Lead of the Data Detox Kit
  • Find out about "Everywhere, All the Time" here: theglassroom.org/youth/everywhere-all-the-time/

Learn about “Everywhere, All the Time”, a digital literacy intervention for youth about tech and AI. Explore why and how this engaging digital literacy intervention was created, focusing on relevant youth topics. Discover what makes it captivating and inviting for young people, and understand the elements that ensure it is playful and interactive. Additionally, gain insights on how to effectively host the "Everywhere, All the Time" intervention in your own library, community center, or school. This session has a limited number of seats so it is required to apply.

Apply here: https://events.tacticaltech.org/EAT-ToT/ (unique link!)

Session 2: Scaling digital literacy opportunities for youth through training-of-trainers

  • When: 19th of June from 16-18:00 CEST (Berlin time)
  • Speakers: Geraldo Barros, Casa Hacker’s Executive Director - Brazil) and Dominika Knoblochova, Tactical Tech’s What the Future Wants Project Coordinator

Discover the benefits of the training-of-trainers (ToT) model for digital and media literacy topics. Learn how to design effective training programs and equip trainers with essential skills from the experience of Casa Hacker with What the Future Wants resources. Gain insights into best practices and lessons learned to enhance your own training initiatives.

Session 3: Digital Literacy Champs: exploring peer-learning methodologies

  • When: 27th of June from 16-17:30 CEST (Berlin time)
  • Speaker: Benson Makusha, Coordinator for Africa at International Young Catholic Students (IYCS)

Using International Young Catholic Students (IYCS) work with What the Future Wants materials, discover the principles and benefits of peer-learning, where participants learn collaboratively. Learn to design effective programs with engaging structures and materials. Empower youth as Digital Literacy Champions to lead sessions. Explore techniques to motivate and engage participants, and gain insights from successful case studies and best practices.

Session 4: Hosting events with care: simple tips for privacy and safeguarding

  • When: 2nd of July from 16-17:30 CEST (Berlin time)
  • Speaker: Safa Ghnaim, Tactical Tech’s Associate Programme Director and Project Lead of the Data Detox Kit

Learn basic guiding principles about privacy and safeguarding as a foundation for planning events and facilitating workshops. This session will cover: safeguarding, consent, taking care of participant data privacy, and minimizing data collection, among other topics. Find ways to promote and practice protection and care for children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults in your own work. Bring your own tips and best practices to share!

Session 5: Let’s talk money! Fundraising strategies for critical media literacy projects

  • When: 11th of July from 16-17:30 CEST (Berlin time)
  • Moderator: Mo R., Project Lead of Tactical Tech’s The Glass Room
  • Speaker: Nicholas Crockford, Tactical Tech’s Deputy Executive Director

In this session, participants will learn how to map the fundraising landscape for opportunities and draft successful proposals. Discover tips for building donor relationships, aligning goals with funders' expectations, and exploring non-traditional funding sources. This session will be collaborative to incorporate questions and to leverage knowledge from the participants.

For further information or clarifications about any of the sessions, write to Youth@tacticaltech.org

About What the Future Wants:
“What The Future Wants" is a creative, playful, youth-focused initiative by Tactical Tech designed to put young people in the driving seat of their digital futures. Through visually engaging and captivating educational interventions and resources co-created with youth and educators, we foster spaces for conversations about how technology impacts our lives—from the individual to the societal and planetary levels. We aim to build educators' capacity to lead initiatives that cultivate a sense of agency among youth in responding to the challenges of growing up in a tech-driven world. theglassroom.org/youth/

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